Sumber Jaya ( Paint Brothers)
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Sumber Jaya ( Paint Brothers)
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Mrs. Lena Agustina/
Instant Messaging:
WhatsApp: 08170039594 08170039594
LINE: 083874310083 083874310083
Phone Number:
Phone number of Mrs. Lena Agustina/ at Jakarta
Mobile Number:
Mobile number of Mrs. Lena Agustina/ at Jakarta
Fax Number:
Fax number of Mrs. Lena Agustina/ at Jakarta
Gunung Sahari XI blok b no 24
Jakarta, Jakarta
Whatsapp cat tembok: 081807825840, Whatsapp cat duco, thinner, automotive: 08170039594
Bank Account (2)
Bank Central Asia ( BCA)Bank Mandiri ( Mandiri)
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Aquaproof, Heatgard, aquaguard Cat Waterproof Anti Bocor
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we sell aquaproof as a waterproofing coatings
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